Free Facebook Traffic – How to Create Facebook Fanpages that Go Viral (w/ Anthony Morrison)


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Discover how to get free Facebook traffic by learning how to create Facebook fanpages that go viral (w/ Anthony Morrison).

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In this video (featuring our special guest, multi-millionaire Anthony Morrison who made his fortune selling online) we teach you how to generate FREE Facebook traffic. The method is very simple:

Step 1: Create a Facebook fanpage about the niche you’re selling in (e.g. if you have a store about camping, you can create a Facebook fanpage about camping).

Step 2: Post content that people who are interested in camping will like. As this content goes viral, more people will see it, and they will like your page.

Step 3: Direct your fanbase to your website – so if you’ve got a fanpage built up of people who are interested in camping, you can then send them to your store where you dropship camping supplies!

As you can see, the key is being able to find the right content that will go viral and will give you free Facebook traffic. Here are our 5 tips for making your Facebook posts go viral:

Tip #1 for generating free Facebook traffic: Use image sharing sites like Reddit, Pinterest & Instagram to find viral-worthy images

Most people struggle because they don’t know how to find super-popular content. Luckily, these websites do the hard work for you. The most popular content on Facebook is photos and images, and you can build up a popular fanpage just by focusing solely on images and photos. The trick is in finding the best ones!

* On reddit, be sure to go to /r/pics and search exclusively within that subreddit. Type in the search bar a keyword related to your fanpage. Sort by highest rated photos of all time. Doing this, you’ll find the most popular images on Reddit in your niche.

* On instagram, all you need to do is sign in and then do a search for your keyword. You’ll find top rated photos immediately.

* Pinterest is the same. Just do a search for your keyword, and you’ll find top rated photos immediately.

Tip #2 for generating free Facebook traffic: Encourage people to tag their friends in your posts

This is Anthony Morrison’s tip. When you create a Facebook post, ask people to tag three friends (e.g. if you make a post featuring an image of a resort, ask everyone to tag three friends that they would take to the resort). As everyone tags their friends, it draws more people to the post, making it spread and go viral.

Tip #3 for generating free Facebook traffic: Use external links in your Facebook posts sparingly

Not all of your Facebook posts should include external links to your websites. The reason for this is that the Facebook algorithm favours posts that do not include external links. Why? Because Facebook’s main goal is to keep people within the website. If your post sends people out of Facebook, then it doesn’t like it, so your posts have an inbuilt disadvantage against those that don’t externally link.

This doesn’t mean that external links can’t go viral. They absolutely can: But it’s a lot easier to get a post to go viral if it doesn’t include an external link.

For posts designed to build up your fanpage base, don’t include external links. Save those for promotional posts.

Tip #4 for generating free Facebook traffic: The Facebook Algorithm Rewards Consistent Posting

Another tip from Anthony Morrison. The Facebook algorithm favours consistency in posting. If it see’s you post every day, it is going to favour your posts and show them to more of your fans. If it see’s that you are posting sporadically, it is not going to prioritize your posts. We recommend posting at least once a day (remember: You can schedule posts in advance).

Tip #5 for generating free Facebook traffic: Use Reverse Image Search to Steal Ideas from Your Competitors

Another way to create posts that will go viral on Facebook is to find out the source of your competitors images. To do this, do a reverse image search:

1. Pick a popular photo on your competitor’s Facebook fanpage.
2. Right click on the image, and copy the image URL.
3. Go to TinEye, a reverse image site, and paste in the image URL address.
4. Go through the results and locate the original source of the photo. Now you know a great source of images that have the potential to go viral on Facebook!

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So those are our 5 tips for creating posts that go viral on Facebook, bringing in free Facebook traffic for you. If you liked this video, please like and subscribe for more!

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